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Wizardly Media is a goal-focused full-service media marketing strategy firm focused on serving businesses of all sizes with strategies that match their needs and scale.

Media Strategy Consulting

As media consultants, we provide advice and actionable strategies that help you to create the right media for your business without relying entirely on a media producer.

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We have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and network of supporting pros, to produce high-quality written content, photography, graphics, and video for your business.

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about Wizardly Media

Full-service media marketing
strategy firm

At Wizardly Media, we understand that every business is a journey that started with a passionate dream. We want to help you to share that core story. However, your business is and needs a lot more than a core message. You need to reach different audiences for a range of reasons: getting customers in the door, hiring the right employees, educating your market on your latest product or service, and so much more. We can help with all of that, too.

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Watch some of our recent work with Maine-Based EA Fitness and Performance.

Big Business
Content For All

Wizardly Media is a goal-focused full-service media marketing strategy firm focused on serving businesses of all sizes with strategies that match their needs and scale. From tiny one-person startups trying to build a following to large regional chains trying to maintain brand identity and help their remote locations to thrive, we analyze your needs and goals to help you build and execute a media strategy that gets you where you need to go.

Expertise and industry insights

Whether you need expert advice on how to make videos on your phone that gain traction on TikTok, or you want professional videos that make your website look incredible, we have the range of expertise and industry insights that make your business dreams a reality.

Grow your online presence quickly

Building a Strategy Tailored To Your Business

Our strategy consulting is a great way for our clients from small businesses to regional franchises make the most of the resources they have and grow their online presence quickly.

Whether you’re a boutique owner trying to leverage TikTok for sales or a contractor trying to build trust with a great portfolio for your website, Wizardly Media is poised to fully account for your goals thanks to years of experience and powerful analysis of the diverse markets our clients work in.

Our consulting services focus on building the foundational strategies that can scale with your company to achieve results both today and in the future. Make the best use of your budget, no matter its size, with advice tailored to your specific situation, rather than relying on generic articles written by strangers who have no idea what your needs are.

We will not only give you a full plan but the services and tools you need to succeed with them. As a collaborative partner, we can always step in to provide extra assistance on your most important projects.

Our aim in developing these media marketing strategies is to help small businesses to compete with their regional-level rivals and regional businesses to compete with their national rivals by taking advantage of online social platforms with a mix of professional and client-generated media and creating high-level content for their websites.

Execute your marketing media strategy

Making Professional Media

Three Business People Pointing At Paper With Marketing Analysis

Determine Objectives

We collaborate with you to determine the most important objectives you have. We want to make sure we understand how we can make your media most efficient with the least total cost and the best overall results. Though we are primarily a digital media firm, we can also help you to plan and execute traditional media campaigns for television, radio, mailers, and flyers.

Winning Strategy

Once we have a winning strategy for your media, we take care of the scripting, equipment, expert technicians, and direction of your projects. No more having to plan your own media, no more coordinating different pros on your own.  You get to focus on running your business and we get to make you look really good doing it!

Professional Media

Professional grade videos perform best on your website and are essential for commercials for TV and online platforms, plus they can be perfect for pinned videos on your social platforms. Most importantly, you can rest assured that all the professional media we produce will have a laser focus on clearly stated objectives that provide value to your company or organization.

How Do We Begin?

No two businesses are the same. So before we get started creating strategies and developing content, we want to get to know you. Contact us today to get started with a 15-minute meeting where we explore how we can help you achieve your goals.
our capabilities

Media Production

Some examples of common objectives for produced media are:

A recent project with Island Dog Brewing

What our Clients
Have to Say

Dan and Ian really came through for a stellar intro video for our web site. While I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, this part of it was painless and fun. They were even able to edit out the sniffles I had from filming outdoors on a cold morning in November. Excellent work, and great support and problem-solving. I unreservedly recommend Wizardly Media.

Great Works Chiropractic

My wife and I recently had an opportunity to work with Ian Garcia-Grant and Dan Reed of Wizardly Media. Their professional and personal touch made for an incredible experience. As a team, their creativeness and eye for detail made for an amazing finished product and tool we can use to promote our business. Thank you Ian and Dan!

Jeff Long

I absolutely love working with Wizardly media! They're incredibly talented and creative, I would recommend them to all of my local clients in Maine looking for a polished, professional video to help advertise their business!

Jacqueline Hoarty

My company hired Wizardly Media to produce our recruitment video and were very happy we did! Ian and Dan were professional, friendly and easy to work with. They were very organized when setting up our initial meetings, and really took the time to learn about our company so they could fully capture what we were trying to do. They are very detail-oriented and made sure that everything was in place to get the right shots. Our whole team was very impressed with the finished product and felt it was an excellent value.

Korina Costanzo

I've collaborated with Wizardly Media for a few projects and want to shout out what a great job they do. They approach every project - no matter the size - with the same level of professionalism and quality of work. Great guys. I highly recommend them.

Briana Campbell

Ian and Dan were able to sync up the sound track and video from my wedding. Excellent job! They even fixed the sound so you could hear our vows. Yes, we had friends do the video and sound..not a good idea. Both guys are easy to talk to and returned my emails promptly!

Karen Carey

We own Maine Street Marketing and use Wizardly Media for copywriting services and will be having them do photography and video work for us. They are professional, honest, reliable, and do an outstanding job.

Brenda Cormier

It has been a pleasure to work with these two WIZARDS. They are work so well together and with their clients. They are professional, excellent at their job, personable and very caring. After working with them to produce TV ad and U Tube clips, they are not only professional acquaintances but real friends. As you can see, I would recommend them to anyone who inquires.

Joanne Roy

These two are visionary geniuses! Love their work and their level of professionalism.

Eliza Conley-Lepene