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Posting the same three great pictures every week is embarrassing, even if it’s better than not posting at all.

Having great craft brewery videos and artistic can photos to share with your online audience is the difference between looking desperate and looking impressive.

Craft Brewery Marketing

Why Wizardly Media?

Craft brewers can spend years perfecting their beer and never achieve the notoriety of inferior brewers with inflated marketing budgets and more startup capital. It’s not fair, but it’s true.

At Wizardly Media, we believe that all business owners deserve to compete on an even playing field with their bigger competitors. Your success should come from the quality of your craft, not the marketing firm you hire.

How Do We Begin?

No two businesses are the same. So before we get started creating strategies and developing content, we want to get to know you. Contact us today to get started with a 15-minute meeting where we explore how we can help you achieve your goals.
Why Wizardly
Unique Solutions

Your Goals, Our Expertise

You know your craft and your objectives as a brewery owner better than we do. This is why in our initial consultation, we always ask questions about your short and long-term objectives and tailor our proposed media to your actual needs and goals. With this in mind, consider the examples and information on this page as general guidelines and common solutions, rather than an exhaustive list of the possibilities.

Unique problems and situations call for unique solutions and innovations. That’s what we do.

Flexible Process

Is Key

If you have a content calendar in mind, or you want one developed, we can help. We have the experience and flexible production process necessary to adapt to what you need to be done, so we can integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing strategy.


Our focus is on your strategy, assuring it is robust and effective.

This means adapting to changing market conditions. If canning costs go up, for example, we can refocus on selling more kegs and depending relationships with distributors.

Media That Work For You

Our service contracts are flexible so that when conditions change, the approach we take can change in kind. No one can predict the future, but we can respond to it nimbly to keep providing great value.

High-End and Highly Effective

Quality Matters

If you want to sell a quality product, having quality media is the best way to signal to your customers your commitment to the best.

Regular Social Media Content: On Time Every Time

We develop a dynamic delivery schedule based on your needs as a business. After all, it’s about meeting your real needs and getting to your actual goals, not forcing you to conform to an arbitrary standard or commit to more than you can afford.

Unique Content that meet your goals

What Does a Media Strategy for Breweries Look Like Anyway?

While we’re focused on providing you with unique content that meets your specific goals, most breweries have relatively similar goals. As a result, there are a few types of content that come up frequently. Don’t think of this as all we offer, so much as starting points for understanding what we can help you achieve.

Beer Can Photography

Can photography is a great way to maximize the value you’re getting from the sunk cost of your can label designs. These are great for regular social posts and for use on your webpage when describing your various brews. Often this is the first kind of professional visual media a brewery needs.

Beer Can Videos

Beer Can videos are the attention-capturing, hype building tool you need to make the release of your latest brew something that stands out to your audience.  With exciting, story-driven videos that build a home for your brand in your customers’ minds, your brand will grow and be taken more seriously by the public. 

Iron Bison Still

Beer Menu

These are weekly posts featuring one or several beers on tap. It’s a great top-of-mind advertisement that can be used to push seasonal beers, anything that’s about to be brewed again and needs to be cleared out, or simply to open up more kegs. The top-of-mind advertising gets your regulars and occasional visitors in the door and buying more regularly.

Cans and Pours

Similar to the Beer Menu, these are top-of-mind advertising and intended to push both flagship brews and seasonal specials. These are great to post weekly or biweekly, especially a day or two before your busiest day of the week or time of the month. It functions as both a reminder of favorites and as a reminder of the brand in general. This is a great series for breweries looking to push both their in-store cans and in-taproom pours.

Beer Can Photography
Andys Old Port Still

Featured Taps

This series was born as a way to promote keg sales. Featuring partnered restaurants is an added incentive for new restaurants to carry your kegs and distributors love to have the extra leverage. Since profit margins on kegs are often better than on cans, this kind of series can be a good fit for almost any brewery that’s on tap at other establishments. As an added bonus, many restaurants will re-post such videos every so often. This gives this content great reach and value.

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