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Many small businesses cannot afford professional media production, but still need a way to functionally produce content for social media, their website, sales pitches, print ads, commercials, even employee training.

The Media You Need


We have the capability to produce high-quality written
content, photography, graphics, video, and more
for your business. We offer a wide range of media because we
don’t leave any options on the table when considering what’s best
for you.

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Our process is focused on you and your objectives first.


This helps us to identify missed opportunities and the best ways to reach your ideal customers, and best represent your company or organization. This is important because if we can create a strategy that complements everything you’re already doing, we can achieve great things.

how we work

Wizardly Media’s Process


Learning Your Goals

Our process is focused on you and your objectives, we start by understanding all objectives and identifying opportunities to use media for these ends.


Developing A Strategy

Next, we develop a strategy that maximizes your results, focused on your most important goals, with a clear explanation of how each aspect of the strategy is working towards your objectives, and schedule the approved media for production.


Distribute Your Media

Once the media has been completed and approved is ready for distribution on social media, your website, TV, the radio, wherever it needs to go.

Our Services

Media Strategy Consulting

As media consultants, we provide advice and actionable strategies that help you to create the right media for your business. We can help you to figure out what kinds of media you need, how to use the media you have, and how to make media in-house. If there are skills you’re missing in-house, like video and audio editing, or graphic design, we can fill in the gaps as media production experts.

You have in your pocket or hand one of the most powerful media tools ever made–a smartphone. While it won’t be the same quality as bringing in professionals, using the equipment you have is the first step to developing media quickly and at a relatively low price point. Coupled with strategic thinking and a plan, you can achieve great things.

Our Services

Media Production

We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to produce high-quality written content, photography, graphics, and video for your business. We can put together all the various pieces of marketing media you need from copy and photos to social & website videos, podcasts, and interactive 3D tours of your property.

There’s a common expression “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Wizardly Media is a Swiss Army Knife. We are familiar with many digital and traditional forms of media that can be used to achieve the specific goals you have. Sometimes that means a beautiful and inspiring branding video that shows the world what you’re all about. Other times, that means helping to design a snail mail marketing campaign and identifying the best neighborhoods to target for a great return on investment.

Wizardly Media Media Production

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Accomplishing Objectives Beyond Marketing

Many clients aren’t sure what kinds of objectives we can help them achieve. In fact, many assume all we can do is to help them get more customers. As important as getting more business is, it’s only one part of your success. There are many other ways we can help you.

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Watch some of our recent work with Island Dog Brewing.

Here are some examples of other objectives that we can help you with:

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